Becky Plotner is a traditional naturopath who sees clients in Rossville Georgia. She is also the author of the books: GAPS, Stage by Stage, with Recipes and Probiotic Foods vs Commercial Probiotics.

Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates proclaimed that all disease begins in the gut.  In our conversation, Becky explains why the gut is so often at the root of wellness or illness in the body and the brain.

Becky talks about the current pandemic and dives into why chronic stress is so harmful to our health and what we can do about it.

In a human body, microorganisms outnumber human cells roughly 10 to 1. Microbial diversity – particularly with an abundance of beneficial microbes – is incredibly important for overall health. Becky says: “When we cause the death of these beneficial microbes, it does not make us healthy, it causes pathogenic microbes to bloom.”  And she adds: “We don’t want to be afraid of them [beneficial bacteria].”

Becky also shares some strategies for shopping and eating against the grain to optimize our health.

You can learn more about Becky, her books and her work on her wonderful blog called Nourishing Plot: