Darryl Edwards is a former investment banking technologist turned movement coach and author. He is the founder of the Primal Play Method and a physical activity, health and play researcher.  Darryl is author of the best-selling books “Animal Moves” which highlights why humans should move like the animals we are.  In late 2020 he released a children’s picture book called “My First Animal Moves”.

Darryl talks about the challenges of getting outside and moving the body during the winter months in northern climates.  There are so many barriers to movement and it’s easy to be “seduced by sedentary living.”  However with Darryl’s primal play method, your “gym” can literally be wherever you are.  He says: “make the world around your playground.”  

Darryl talks about how challenging it is to be a kid today.  Unlike prior generations, kids today don’t have as much opportunity for unstructured, outdoor play.  In fact, he read about a study that children in the US on average have only 4 – 7 minutes of unstructured outdoor play.  On the other hand, they have up to seven hours of screen time per day. 

For Darryl, play isn’t just for kids.  He says we all have this amazing potential to embrace our inner child.  

Later, Darryl talks about writing his 1st children’s book called My First Animal Moves.  He says he wanted to create something for younger kids.  The book focuses on the over-utilization of technology from a child’s perspective. 

Let’s rediscover the wonder of play and the joy of movement with the one & only Darryl Edwards, let’s dive in!  

You can learn more about Darryl, his work and his books right here: https://www.primalplay.com/