Tommy Priester is a Clinical Herbalist, Wellness Counselor and founder of Bear Medicine Holistic Services and Heart Mind Integration Healing. Tommy’s a Practicing Clinical Herbalist and Holistic counselor since 1998. He combines extensive knowledge of Western herbalism, shamanism, spiritual healing, aromatherapy, holistic nutrition with ancient wisdom traditions from Native American, Chinese and other cultures.

Tommy begins our conversation by talking about his background coming from an unconscious family with lots of internal pain, suffering and trauma.   In his early years, Tommy found himself on a path of self-destruction as he struggled with addictions.

What drove Tommy to wake up from his addictions was the loss of his left hand and forearm from a lawnmower accident.  He describes this incident as the best thing that ever happened to him and a “game changer.”  He sees the accident as a catalyst to help him wake up.

After the accident, he developed a gangrene infection in his arm.  Conventional allopathic medicine wasn’t helping him.  His body was shutting down and he was slowly dying.  He went to visit a Chinese herbalist in New York City.  The herbs he was prescribed helped him heal within a few days.  He explains that he had never seen healing like that in his life.

Tommy says that he looks at life differently since the accident.  That nothing ever happens “to us,” everything happens “for us” – to learn, to grow and to evolve consciousness.

Throughout his early years, Tommy struggled with dark times – depression, alcohol and drug addiction.  He says all of those things were his greatest teachers.

Tommy explains that his job isn’t to be a healer to his patients and clients.  His job is to give people their power back.  He also says that “all illness – even accidents – is driven by psycho-spiritual pain.”

Tommy talks about his passion for another powerful healing practice: Heart Mind Integration.  Ultimately he helps people find their heart connection to themselves and the Divine.  He says that as you heal, you are able to bring more and more of your true consciousness and true self to the party of life.

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