Taylor Wells speaks, teaches, and inspires at conferences all over the world. She is an Author, Entrepreneur, Clinical Psychologist, Blogger, United Nations Yoga Peace Ambassador, Master Yoga & Spiritual Teacher, Healthy Lifestyle Activist and Best Life Ever Coach.  Taylor is also the author of Create The Best Life Ever: Real Life Stories to Get Inspired.

During a challenging time in her life many years ago, Taylor tells the story about meeting her husband and life partner Philippe.  At the time, she didn’t think love was for her.  She was “a happy single mom.”  But Taylor met her husband – quite literally the man of her dreams – on her yoga mat and the rest is history.  She says that if you are not attached to the outcome and you just ask for what you want and then allow it to show up, the universe will deliver it.  That’s the law…. that law of attraction.

Taylor credits yoga with saving her life.  She and her husband decided to exit the rat race, so they could bring the power of yoga to the masses.  They opened five Prana Power Yoga studios in Massachusetts and NYC.  They also opened a Raw Vegan Restaurant.

Taylor is big proponent of a morning routine.  Every day she wakes up at 4am, meditates and then practices yoga.  She swears by this routine, because it helps her prepare her “point of attraction for the day.”  She says it is so important to start the day with this intentionality.  Her background in figure skating and tennis gave her the discipline to stick with this morning routine.

Taylor reminds her coaching clients that “every morning you have a blank canvas in front of you.”  Unfortunately, most people are re-telling their old stories again and again, when in fact we are all creators with the power and potential to create our lives anew every day.

Taylor teaches people to take responsibility for their vibration.  She offers this simple formula for elevating one’s vibration: do yoga, practice deliberate creation, and eat in moderation.  Keep in mind, everyone can have their own form of “yoga” or mindful practice, whether it’s gardening, cooking or just taking a walk in the woods.

How do you discover what your vibration is?  Taylor says it’s the result of four things: focus, perspective, thoughts and feelings.

Taylor says that there is no vibration for feeling stuck, because everything is always in motion and changing.  Many people suffer from “sloppy thinking” so they get caught in a negative reality loop.  This loop makes them feel stuck and powerless; however, it is possible to change their perspective of a situation.

For Taylor, early morning is the best time to prepare your point of attraction.  Think of yourself as a tuning fork.  The key is to tune into the highest frequency possible.  She says that “your power lies in how you feel.”

Enjoy this LIVE law of attraction coaching session with the one & only Taylor Wells!

You can learn more about Taylor, her book and her best life ever coaching right here: http://www.taylorwells.me/