Dan Kittredge has been an organic farmer for more than 30 years, and is the founder and executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association, an eight year old non-profit educational organization whose mission is to increase quality in the food supply.

Nature can be a powerful probiotic. Dan reminds us that our microbiome is an ecosystem of diverse species. This diversity makes our immune system stronger.  We acquire this diversity through contact with Nature. In fact, Dan explains that walking in the forest and working in the garden will build your microbiome.

Dan tells us that if you build your body out of food stuff that are devoid of nutrition, you should not be surprised when your body falls apart

Dan relates how intimately connected soil health is to the health of plants, animals and all human beings: “What we understand is that there’s a very deep connection between the level of vitality and life in the soil and the health of the plant growing in the soil and the nutritional value of the food that plant produces and the health of the animal that eats it.”

Dan talks about why he became an organic farmer: “One of the reasons that I realized I needed to be a farmer when I started my family was because I knew it was critically important that I feed my children well and that it was very difficult to get access to high quality food by buying it.”

Dan also says the sooner we can check-in to nature the better.   “We evolved to be in close proximity to natural environments.”   Living closer to nature can help us reduce stress and pressure:  “I think this whole epidemic dynamic is an opportunity in disguise where we are forced to look at these things and deeply reconsider our priorities both personally and culturally.”

Dan talks about running his business the Bionutrient Food Association from his organic farm.  The mission of the BFA is to increase quality in the food supply.  As Dan reminds us, “The equation is simple: Healthy soils = healthy food.”

Dan challenges us to consider certain important questions like what is success?  Is success money, power, fame or is it quality of life?  “Why not live that quality of life now, why not aim for it now.”  He says it all starts by having a “vision” for where you can want to go.

Dan offers this advice: “If we can be present with how each thing in our life makes us feel, that can guide us.”  He says: “we all have that in built capacity for discernment.”  And then we can use that capacity to discern between that which energizes us and that which drains us and then make thoughtful decisions accordingly.

You can learn more about Dan and the Bionutrient Food Association right here: https://bionutrient.org/site/