Anuradha (Anu) Gulati is a certified energy practitioner specializing in ancestral and emotional healing and the author of the forthcoming book Heal Your Ancestral Roots: Release the Family Patterns that Hold You Back. Anu came to the US to earn her Ph.D. in economics and stayed. After fifteen years in finance and academia, she left it to learn how to help people create the life they want. Her training in ancestral healing work and experiences with family constellation therapy allowed her to see repetitive patterns that appeared in her life and her clients’ lives and learn how to release them to find the inner confidence to create the lives they want. She lives in Boston, MA, with her husband and two children.

Anu began her career in finance and academia.  However, her journey went in a new direction when she got very sick.  On her third trip to the ER, a friend said to her: “how many times are you willing to go through this before you are willing to change.” 

This marked a turning point for Anu.  She left finance and academia to become a healer utilizing the powerful combination of flower essences and ancestral healing work.  Ultimately, she decided she wanted to help people heal emotionally and live more fulfilling lives.  Once she made this change, there was no going back!

Anu also speaks to what it means to come home to ourselves.  So many of us feel disconnected.  And very often, this disconnection begins in childhood, since we are never taught to trust our emotions and feelings.

Coming home means honoring our ancestors, observing our emotions and connecting with our spiritual selves as well as Mother Earth.  Fascinatingly, it also means establishing a “philosophy of life.”

The first step to create a philosophy of life is to connect with ourselves.   When we recognize that we are emotional beings, we allow our emotions to take center stage.  We begin to listen and learn from these important messengers.

Anu says that “emotions are energy in motion,” and we must act on these emotions; otherwise, they keep circling and can even make us sick.  Think of an emotion as a call to action. It can open a portal to create change.

According to Anu, ancestral healing is about releasing the feeling of being a victim of what came before us.  If we can release this feeling of victimhood, we can find the freedom to create what we truly want in our lives.

In her new book, Anu explains how themes and patterns in families can reappear generation after generation.  She calls it the “energy of unresolved emotions.”  She writes these powerful words: “What if a family is not just a nuclear entity with your parents, siblings or even grandparents, but an energy field that includes those who are no longer alive.”

Anu says that in many Eastern traditions and Native American traditions, the past seven generations continue to influence and impact the present.  By honoring our ancestors, we can bring peace to the energy field.  This requires forgiveness, acceptance and the ability to let go.

For anyone seeking to heal the energy of the past, Anu offers these inspiring words: “You may be the one your ancestors have been waiting for: the one who will bring about healing and repair of the family energy field.  When you start to do that, you lift the ceiling on your own life and also for those who may come after you.”

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