Dr. Alex Lee is a chiropractor who practices full time in San Ramon California.  He is also the creator of Groundwork, an online group for natural healing and performance.

In the beginning of our conversation, Alex reminds us that health and ease are our bodies default state.  It’s who we are. When we live in harmony with nature and just stop getting in the way, we can reclaim our birthright of optimal health and vitality.

For Alex, there are eight integrated categories for the body’s innate ability to heal at a higher level: movement, nourishment, sleep and rest, mind, connection with outdoors, connection with others, belief in something greater than self and life’s purpose.

Walking speed and grip strength are two things physically that we need to do until we take our last breath.  Over time, many people lose their grip strength and ability to raise their arms above their head.  A simple way to enhance grip strength, improve shoulder health and decompress the spine is by hanging from a pull-up bar.

Very often, we can get in our own head and allow limiting beliefs to get in the way of performance.  Alex tells a story about the power of giving himself permission to overcome those inner barriers. This echoes the message of travel author Rolf Potts – in an earlier episode – to just give yourself permission to follow your dreams.

Alex talks about his deep love and connection with the outdoors: “I love everything about the natural world because it just connects us to our default state.” He says it’s our birthright to be connected to animals, plants and the earth as a whole.

During these times of heightened isolation, Alex says that he’s made an extra effort to get together with others and experience connection on a deeper level.  He’s allowed himself to be more vulnerable and open than he’s ever been before.  This vulnerability allows us to shed layers that we’ve outgrown and no longer serve us.

What does it mean to be human?  For Alex, being human is feeling empathy and the ability to step into someone else’s shoes.  He says we need to know that we are far more similar than we are different.

In the end, Alex reflects on his journey from Massachusetts Little League Baseball to California Chiropractor and says that he didn’t enjoy the ride enough and the steps along the way.  His words of wisdom to his younger self are simple: slow down and enjoy the ride!

You can learn more about Alex and his work here: https://aleechiro.com/

You can also connect with him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.alexlee/?hl=en