Deb Habib and Ricky Baruc are farmers with a huge mission.  As founders of Seeds of Solidarity, they teach people to “grow food everywhere.”  Deb explains that “it’s about sovereignty and self-determination.  It’s about people growing food for themselves, for each other, in all of our urban, suburban and rural communities.”  But perhaps even more importantly, they show people how to live in balance with the soil, one another and even oneself.

Just as we’ve become detached from our food supply, we’ve also become disconnected from our inner selves.  For Ricky, the answer is clear: we must find our way back to the heart: “We can’t avoid feeling, we have to feel.”  All of the answers are within us if we are willing to listen.  We already come equipped with everything we need to know.

When it comes to finding our way back to the heart, Ricky shares these heartfelt words on his “Cooler Blog”: “If we asked people, would a Garlic and Arts festival work in Orange?  Years ago, most folks would have said no.  If we asked, could we sell lots of produce out of a self-serve stand way out here, what would people have said?  The message is follow your hearts and dreams.”

According to Ricky, you need to be a spiritual warrior in the best sense of the word: “It’s very difficult to sustain life in a non-life sustaining environment.”  You have to be a warrior to resist all of the temptations that try to break you down.  Ricky reminds us that “It’s enough just to be human, just to live your life.”

Deb talks about some of the healing practices that keep her feeling more grounded and centered, such as movement, dance, yoga, tending to her relationships and cooking their homegrown foods.

In the end, Ricky reminds us of the words that we all need to hear: you are perfect just as you are.  And for Deb, keep your eyes, ears and hearts open and allow your path to unfold… even if you don’t have it all figured out just yet.

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