“When your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of. your life.” Wu-Men

Let’s dive in and get started with Episode 99: The Best Season of Your Life as Drew Pearlman is in the hot seat today!

In this episode, Drew rewinds the clock and explores some key themes that have come up on the show the past few months.  He begins with the foundational practice of Self-Love that is at the core of all healing.  He also explains why a lack of self-love can manifest as physical sickness in the body.

One of the most transformative and simple ways to bring more self-love into our lives comes from the great Dr. Margaret Paul and her episode called “Love Yourself.”  Very simply, try repeating throughout the day this sacred question: what’s loving to me now?  Or, what’s in my highest good now?

Another important theme is the Power of Intention.  For Dr. Paul, there are only two intentions: the intent to control and protect ourselves from feeling certain feelings.  Or, the intent to learn about loving ourselves.  In her episode called “Do Good At Work,” Bea Boccalandro reminds us to check our intention.  She says ultimately the world will respond to our intention more so than the action itself.

Drew reflects on many more important themes from recent episodes such as Blame and the Ripple Effect.  He even delves into his trip to the Emergency Room a few months ago.

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