Kian Hassankhan, also known as Kian The One, is a creator, musician, record producer and crypto currency enthusiast who believes there is more to life than meets the eye. Kian’s intention is to assist in spreading the message and dream of freedom to all whom he meets.

In his early years, Kian talks about his journey from being a DJ to a Music Producer.  He says it was really difficult supporting himself financially.  This led him to investing in the stock markets and ultimately into the crypto currency markets.

But this crypto rabbit hole went much deeper than even he imagined:  “It ended up being this whole other journey of discovering myself, my place in the world and values I believe to be very important when it comes to dreams and freedom.

In December of 2020, he moved completely from the stock market into crypto.  He was initially attracted to the incredible volatility:  “I came for the gains but I’m staying for the freedom.”  As he dove deeper and studied crypto currency and the world of DeFi (decentralized finance), he was drawn to the incredible potential for freedom in all aspects of life.

Kian says many people get stuck in the rat race of the 9-5 daily grind. It’s easy to stay in that routine for years, even a lifetime.   Unfortunately this path doesn’t usually allow for self-expression and the freedom to discover one’s highest self.

Kian talks about his optimism and excitement for the future.  These are certainly turbulent times.  While the old is crumbling, there is a new world beginning.  Kian talks about this “digital renaissance” happening in all areas – from art, music, finance and much more.  This is literally a rebirth of a new world with a completely new set of rules.

Kian talks about merging DeFi and his music in the world of NFT’s.  An NFT is a Non Fungible Token that is unique and irreplaceable.  In fact, Kian recently created his own Electro-Medicine NFT that he gave away online for free.  These NFT’s are run on smart contracts which are sophisticated and complex computer code that can verify 100% whether the work of art or music is authentic or not.

For Kian, the music industry is ripe for change because so many artists have been exploited by the system.  These decentralized NFT’s and platforms offer artists so much more opportunity and value for their work: “it incentivizes artists to continue creating.” 

Kian shares some of his daily rituals – like giving himself an abundance of self-love when he first wakes up in the morning.  He allows this love to permeate his entire body and being.  He prays, surrenders and gives gratitude for everything in his life.

In the end, the crypto kid and music producer Kian the One offers these cryptic words to his younger self: “You’re going to find it.”

You can learn more about Kian on his website:

You can also find him on Twitter and watch his Saturday Crypto Videos on the Greggory Mannarino YouTube Channel.