Danny Parrott is the People’s Herbalist.  He is the founder of Parrott food and beverage corporation and MOVERs Elixirs. To date, he has worked with hundreds of people across the US creating custom herbal supplements, juices and teas. He has made it his mission to teach about adaptogen herbs and optimal wellness though mindfulness and herbal hydration.

Danny starts by talking about how cancer in his friend’s family led him down the path of looking for healing alternatives.  This is when he stumbled upon a class of powerful herbs called adaptogens.

For Danny, adaptogenic herbs are the most important natural substance on the planet given the high stress state of humanity.   He says adaptogens are very unique because they can reduce a negative response to stress and also improve immune system function.  In his work with individuals, he’s seen the greatest benefits with Goji Berry extract and Medicinal Mushrooms, like Chaga, Reishi and Turkey Tail.

Herbalism is one of the oldest forms of healing.  Danny explains that it has been used effectively by civilizations all over the planet for thousands of years.  However much of this wisdom has been forgotten.  This is why Danny is so passionate about bringing this body of knowledge to the people.

Danny reminds us that the herbs don’t’ do the healing, rather they empower the body to do the healing.  He says: “You put your body in the best position to do the magic.”  And he says your body is miraculous.

Later, Danny speaks about the power of the mind in healing.  This is what’s known as the placebo effect. He says that you have to visualize and think about what you want and then it can occur.

Danny has always been drawn to Nature.  He calls himself a tree hugger and loves spending time outdoors.  Nature is his therapy – from grounding his bare feet on the earth, sunbathing and listening to music.  Danny’s advice for finding greater peace: sit down and take deep breaths on purpose.

Even as early as 6th grade, Danny had a vision for his life to help and heal others.  He expected big things and he knew he would use his voice to inspire.  His advice to his younger self would be this: stick to the plan!

You can learn more about Danny and his work right here:  https://www.parrottbeverages.com/

**Disclaimer: The information contained on this Podcast episode is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, medical or health advice. This information is not a substitute for medical or health advice from a professional who is aware of the facts and circumstances of your individual situation.