Rollin McCraty, Ph. D. is the Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Institute of HeartMath, and has been with the organization since its inception in 1991.  Rollin has also been featured in many documentary films, including I AM, The Power of the Heart, and The Living Matrix among others.

Rollin begins by talking about how the power of the heart can help with stress.  If anyone is feeling lost or off track, he explains why he calls the heart our “Inner GPS” and how it works much like a cell phone.

Rollin explains that when the heart is in a coherent state, we have “access to a field of information outside the bounds of time and space.” In fact, we are able to discover our larger, higher self or energetic self: “When we’re able to get into that coherent heart rhythm state, that opens up that channel to our non-local intuition, our larger self.” Many people describe this state as if their intuition is on steroids!

Rollin says we should ask ourselves this powerful question: “What are we feeding the field?”  In other words, if everything is energy, what kind of energy are we projecting into the world?  Are we sending out fear, hate, anger or are we sending out love, peace, compassion and appreciation?

Rollin leads us through a heart meditation technique called “Shift and Lift.” When we practice these HeartMath techniques, we make choices that are better for ourselves, others and the planet as a whole.

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