Hilary Boynton is a mother of five who refused to accept the quality of food her children were being served during school lunch. She began a relentless mission to change the status quo, and eventually took over the lunch program at her local school in Topanga CA. She worked with local farmers and food producers to create an affordable nutrient dense meal program that was based on the foundation of ancestral ways of eating and the results were astounding. Hilary went on to start her company School of Lunch with the goal of making real food accessible to everyone.

In the beginning of our conversation, Hilary talks about her health challenges during her early years when she was a high-level athlete eating a highly processed & fat free diet.  Although she looked healthy on the outside, her body was breaking down.

Years later, when her 4th child suffered from eczema, she came across the work of Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters.   A diet of raw milk and cod liver oil healed her son after a few months.  This opened her eyes to the power and potential of food as real medicine.

During this time, Hilary learned about ancestral ways of eating and healing from Sally Fallon and later Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride.

Ultimately, Hilary took over the lunch program at a nature based school in Topanga California that her children were attending.   She overhauled the menu to focus on farm fresh, seasonal and incredibly nutrient dense foods like bone broth, fermented foods, raw dairy and much much more.

This led to the creation of Hilary’s company called School of Lunch.  Her mission is to share this ancestral way of eating with schools, communities, families and people all over the world.

Hilary explains that if you lose your health, you really have nothing.  That is why she prioritizes nutrient dense food as medicine to help prevent disease in the first place.

For Hilary, making a change in your diet is really a mindset shift.  Once you make the decision to change, you can draw power from stepping into the work and getting started… one step and one meal at a time.

If you feel inspired by Hilary’s mission, you can learn more about her and the School of Lunch academy here:

Join Hilary Boynton, Author of The Heal your Gut Cookbook and founder of School of Lunch, and become the change you wish to see in this world! Enroll in the School of Lunch Training Academy, Summer Session #2, held in the beautiful mountains of Topanga, CA (Tickets here).

You’ll be deeply immersed into Ancestral wisdom, nature connection and the Weston A Price cooking styles. From gut healing bone broths, to fermented foods, to 100% whole grain sourdough, to raw dairy as well as sourcing from your local food systems…we will cover it all! This 5 night intensive is set to change your life. Whether you aspire to transform your own home kitchen, and the health of your family, or take this knowledge out into your community – this intensive will give you the foundation to do so. 

With our first session sold out, we’re offering a second summer intensive, running Sunday, 7/30 to 8/4. This intensive includes the culinary expertise of Chef Aran Goldstein, chef and educator, founder of Cook and Live and lead chef at a farm to table school lunch program outside of Austin, TX, Drew Pearlman filmmaker, certified GAPS practitioner and podcast host of the Drew Pearlman Show and Andrea Huehnerhoff  Ancestral Kitchen podcast co-host and founder of Farm and Hearth.

We’ll shop at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market (rated best in the US) and enjoy stunning scenery at every location – from the lush Santa Monica mountains to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Additional experts will share their wisdom including Mark McAffee (founder of Raw Farms) Monica Ford (founder of Real Food Devotee) and Nan Kohler (owner of Grist and Toll artisan milling). Last but not least our inspirational School of Lunch community of chefs will help empower and inspire you to nourish your family and your community in brand new ways.

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