Dr. Paul Jondie Has 4 Board Certifications and was the first physician to be Board Certifed as a Diplomate in Preventative Medicine in New England.  His other specialities include Nutrition, Internal Medicine and Board Certification as a Medical Consultant.  Dr. Paul and his wife Lynne were invited to the White House years ago by President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy for their outstanding humanitarian contributions.  He has retired from active practice but continues to work as a consultant to over a thousand doctors and health care practitioners.  His focus is on the newest natural health technologies personalized to the patient for the most precise customized information as well as all natural food supplementation.

Dr. Paul starts by talking about some of his personal health challenges that led him to natural medicine.  He reveals the book that has been integral in his own healing as well as the healing of his patients.   That book is called Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins.  For Dr. Paul, reading that book is an important first step for elevating one’s level consciousness.

Later, Dr. Paul walks us through some of his key healing techniques.  The first is muscle testing.  Dr. Paul explains that applied kinesiology is an incredibly powerful tool and it can determine what is true (or false) for your unique body better than any other test.  To learn more about this technique, Dr. Paul recommends another book by Dr. Hawkins called Truth vs Falsehood.

Another very important healing tool for Dr. Paul is the Thymus Thump.  This can help bring you back into balance, relieve stress and simultaneously enhance the immune system.  To do this technique, you place your fingers right over the sternum and tap that area for about 10 seconds.  You can do this while smiling and repeating the sound “ha ha ha ha ha.”  This area on the body is also known as “the happiness point.”

Laughter and appreciation are also very important for elevating your state of consciousness.  For Dr. Paul, the longer you can stay in these elevated states, the better your life will be in all areas.

Dr. Paul’s prescription for everyone is this: live in a state of appreciation, have fun, enjoy, laugh and just be happy!  Ultimately this is how you are going to help yourself and others in your life the most.  Instead of feeling guilty about not working hard, he says to start working hard at feeling good!

And his words of wisdom to his younger self: don’t let the apparent negativity in the world ever get you down, it’s going to be a great ride!

For anyone looking to learn more from Dr. Paul, you can reach him here: 781-526-6991