Dr. Stephen Hussey is a Chiropractor, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Online Health Coach. He’s the author of the new book called Understanding the Heart: Uncommon Insights into Our Most Commonly Diseased Organ.

Stephen starts by explaining that he had just finished his book on the heart when he experienced a very severe “widow maker” heart attack.  He says that typically only 12% survive it, if you are not in the hospital when it happens,  Growing up, he had many inflammatory conditions that motivated him to write the book.

After the heart attack, he says that at first he doubted whether he should even release the book.  He also faced a great dilemma in the hospital – should he follow the recommendations by his doctors or instead do what he learned about while writing the book.

Thankfully Stephen realized that he had to release the book because there would be others that would be in his shoes and needed this information.  He says his goal with the book is to broaden the conversation about heart disease and educate and empower his readers.

In the hospital, he was prescribed eleven different medications.  He says he was expected to consent without getting an explanation as to why he was being given these medications.

Stephen acknowledges the two faces of modern medicine: one face saved his life with the stent and synthetic insulin, but at the same the other face is “shockingly unenlightened” about what creates optimal health.

Stephen talks about some of the lifestyle strategies that have been so helpful for his recovery.  One of the biggest is daily use of the infrared sauna.  He says infrared light is the energy most absorbed by water which then helps structure water and forms this gel like “4th phase water.”  This is what protects the arteries and gets blood moving quickly.  Very simply, the heart just works more efficiently.

Beyond the infrared sauna, he talks about stress relief through meditation, breathing exercises and gratitude journaling.

Stephen says that best diet for the heart is one that creates metabolic flexibility.  This means the body is able to use different fuel types (ie fats, carbohydrates) to energize the body.  Perhaps the most important place to start is with whole foods.  He says it’s also very important to avoid processed foods, grains, added sugars and vegetable oils.

There’s so much information out there that it can be very confusing when it comes to health.  Stephen says that it really helps to have a solid “philosophy of health” as opposed to looking for the next best thing.   And then, do the research and find the information that supports that philosophy.  It requires lots of trial and error, constant reading and finding new information.

For Stephen, being human means going back to a more natural environment and way of living.  This means spending time in nature and interacting with other humans as well as eating real whole non-processed foods.

You can pre-order Stephen’s new book Understanding the Heart, just click right here. 

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