Jim Perkins, Manya Lulek and Kalman Lulek are the visionaries behind THUNDERDOME. Thunderdome is a health conscious, community center that heals and grows both humans and nature.  Their mission is to empower local food systems and restore natural health in our soil, our food and ourselves.  Jim is a healing, health and human performance coach, Manya is an executive chef, and Kalman is the media and technology specialist as well as a holistic health and fitness coach.  Together, they are Thunderdome!

As millennials in their 20’s, the three talk about how they got started on this path of healing themselves, the soil and the planet as a whole.  Jim talks about the great awakening in consciousness due to the rise of technology and widespread availability of information. For Jim, “truth is being revealed.”

Kalman shares his personal experience of working in corporate America for five years.  This way of life caused him to break down physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  When he got sick, he experienced firsthand the limitations of western medicine.

For Manya, she lost her job as an executive chef during the shut-downs at the beginning of the pandemic.  She realized that “she was not a happy healthy human being.”  In fact, she was being worked to death in a very toxic environment.  She decided to join forces with Jim and Kalman and focus on providing her community with healthy and delicious meal options.

Early on, Jim recognized the connection between human health and soil health: “our health is a reflection of our environment.”  Jim says that he doesn’t align with traditional methods and schooling, and he always knew he would need to follow “some unique path.”  Jim says his vision for Thunderdome merges many areas of his background, from healing, health and human performance to soil restoration, food and holistic wellness.

One of the unique elements of Thunderdome is that it’s set in a Geodesic Dome.  Unlike more confining structures, Kalman explains the dome offers “unlimited potential for growth.” The dome also symbolizes unity, plus it’s strong, efficient, portable and sustainable.  Inside, the dome will feature music, yoga, meditation, sound healing, martial arts, and it will work in synergy with Tiger Grass Café and Juice Bar.  The dome will also feature Jim’s “revolutionary style of fitness” called GOATA or Greatest Of All Time Actions.

According to Jim, we need to align with Nature, and we need to respect natural design and natural patterns that are already here.  He says: “nature is the optimal path.”  Kalman also talks about the power of nature in his life and what it means to be human.  He says that what makes us human is the ability to give our gifts to others as well as to heal others.  For Kalman, “health is a journey, and we are trying to share it.”

For all three, healing often begins with the breath.  Breathwork is free for everyone and extremely transformative.  Jim also mentions other foundational pieces such as food, sleep and exercise.  Movement is medicine for both the body and the mind.  Jim says that if you are struggling mentally, it can be extremely helpful to just go for a walk and move your body.

You can learn more about Thunderdome, Tiger Grass cafe and juice bar and much more right here: https://www.the3eyedtiger.com/

You can also connect with Jim Perkins here: https://www.instagram.com/3_eyed_tiger/

You can find Kalman Lulek here: https://www.instagram.com/wolfgang_wellness/

You can find Manya Lulek here: https://www.instagram.com/manyaskitchensink/