Andrew Genovese is a Dimensional breathwork teacher, healer, and nutritionist who specializes in helping people move towards wholeness. On his journey to heal his own traumas he found breathwork and his purpose to bring balance and healing to the global community through various practices from around the world.

In the beginning of our conversation, Andrew talks about being drawn to exploring the world in his early 20’s.  As he travelled the world, he was fascinated by observing people and different cultures.  It lit up his soul, and it made him feel whole and excited about life.  This prompted him to open a hostel in Nicaragua.

Political instability in Nicaragua led to the closure of the hostel.  When Andrew returned to New York, his health started to decline.  Traditional allopathic medicine could only offer him a handful of pharmaceutical drugs, but he wasn’t interested in that approach.

During this time, Andrew would walk around the city.  He decided to let go, surrender and connect with his breath.  He began a practice of deep breathing.  Over time, he felt this wave of calm take over his body.  He stuck with the deep breathing day after day and week after week, and he noticed a huge improvement at about 6 weeks.  The deep breathing allowed him to tap into deeper dimensions of himself.

Later, he moved to California and switched to a plant-based diet.  He continued with his breathing, and he was able to heal completely.   He talks about being in awe of the power of the breath.  He also felt deep gratitude for this amazing healing mechanism within him.

Andrew reminds us that breath is the gateway to the present moment, the NOW: “Breath is what brings us back into presence.”  He refers to his breathing practice as “breath play,” not breath work.   After all, you can decide to enjoy the process and bring a child-like energy to these breathing practices.  You can even choose to bring this play like energy to all areas or your life.

Nature is such a powerful and important force in Andrew’s life.  He says that “we’ve become so disconnected from all of the beauty of this planet.”  However, when we get more connected to Nature, we get more connected to our breath and our food and plants, animals, trees and soil.  And this one-ness with Nature is the way to higher levels of consciousness.

This is a unique time to be alive.  Andrew says the time is ripe to focus on solutions and put our intention and energy into healing. He says now is also the time to go deep within and become the highest version of our self.  For Andrew, this means letting go of old programs and stories fueled by anger, shame and guilt.  By doing this inner work, you not only heal yourself, but you heal your DNA, your family and the collective consciousness of the planet.

The answer is very simple: Andrew encourages people to form a relationship with their breath.  He says to look at it from a child-like and playful perspective.

In the end, Andrew reminds his younger self about the power of forgiveness: it’s such a key component for elevating in consciousness.  Otherwise we hold on to the deep wounds that can get stuck in the body.  Regarding the challenges of this time in history, he says: “your soul signed up for this” and everything is happening for your evolution.

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