Hugh Hendry is an award-winning hedge fund manager, founder of Eclectica Macro Hedge Fund, a market commentator, thought leader, St. Bart’s real estate investor and surfer.  For twenty years, Hugh was a hedge fund manager.  During this time, he was the James Bond of finance with a license to thrill; however, he closed down his hedge fund in 2017.

Honesty has always accompanied Hugh on his life journey, but he says that it can get in the way of success.  As a hedge fund manager, he would put billions of dollars in capital at risk.  He says: “people don’t want to hear the truth.”  His clients wanted confirmation of their own biases, not the truth.

There was a point where Hugh was persuaded to tone down his honesty and to be less of himself.  Hugh says that it was the best of times financially, but it was the worst of times creatively.  He was taking antidepressants and his inner demons ultimately dictated that he destroy the company he created.

Hugh had to escape the rat race and repair himself.  Fast forward to today, and he lives on the beautiful island of St. Barts.  He talks about the “stunning beauty” of his island.  This island lifestyle makes him feel 10 years younger.

One of his healing practices is running five kilometers barefoot on the beach.  He says that back in London, he had arthritis in his knee and struggled to walk to his office.  Now that he’s embraced nature and running barefoot, all of the pain has gone away.  He also practices hot yoga, surfs and plays mini tennis.

Hugh encourages people to embrace literature and read books.  One writer that he goes back to for inspiration is the French philosopher Albert Camus.  He says that “beautiful prose allowed me to find keys to unlock doors” since he was charged with seeing the future as a hedge fund manager.

In the end, Hugh says that if we can look back on our life and know that we lived our days to the fullest, that would be a life well-lived.

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