Robin Graham is a results-oriented entrepreneur who helps people and organizations overcome barriers to high performance by bridging the awareness-action gap. Robin is a certified instructor and practitioner in behavioral performance. In 1997, she was one of the first Certified Instructors of PSYCH-K® in the world. She is currently Director of Training for PSYCH-K® International.  Robin has trained and presented locally and internationally, to audiences ranging from small groups to large conferences. She is available for private coaching, group workshops, or speaking engagements.

Robin starts by talking about her background in competitive swimming and business.  She explains how she was overworked and found little joy in what she was doing.  This theme of frustration kept showing up.

Later, she discovered personal development with goal setting and affirmation, but she was still curious about the power of personal beliefs.  She got introduced to energy psychology and Psych-K in 1994.  As she says, when she heard a presentation on Psych-K, it was as if every cell in her body lit up.  

Initially she questioned and doubted everything about Psych-K.  However, something deep inside her told her to continue with this profound healing tool.   She says learning Psych-K was a pivotal point in her entire being-ness.

As one of the first certified instructors in the world of Psych-K, Robin receives tremendous satisfaction from helping others bring about more peace and joy into their own lives.

Robin speaks to the power of the subconscious mind, since it’s 95% of our capacity while the conscious mind is only 5%.  According to Bruce Lipton, 60% of the subconscious beliefs are negative and disempowering.

When subconscious beliefs are in conflict with conscious wishes and desires, this often plays out as struggle and self-sabotage.  She says: “look at your life and that often tells you what your beliefs are.”

For Robin, real change starts from within.  And Psych-K is a powerful process for installing new and improved beliefs at the subconscious levels. 

When it comes to feeling inspired, Robin talks about her deep connection with Nature and her love of animals.  She says that by letting go of limiting beliefs, we can become inspired and in awe of our own lives.

In the end, Robin offers these words of wisdom to her younger self: stop with the self-judgement, explore who you are, be true to yourself, laugh more and enjoy life.

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