Dr. Tommy John received his Master Degrees in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University and later became a Chiropractor.  He’s also a former college and professional baseball player.  Tommy is the author of the book “Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance: A Sport’s Parents Survival Guide.”

In the beginning of our conversation, Tommy explains that many struggle to heal because they are attached to a diagnosis or a label.  This gets in the way of healing.  The first step is to let go of that self-limiting program and old story.  Tommy reminds us that sickness and disease are simply the body’s way of trying to heal itself.

According to Tommy, trauma has the potential to be an opportunity for learning and growth.  For every trauma that occurs, your body is designed to produce a healing force greater than the trauma, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Even prior to this recent pandemic, Tommy recognized that humanity was going in the wrong direction and we needed to make a big change.  Healing – or making whole – is never an easy or pretty process.  Tommy says that healing is ugly and doesn’t feel good; nevertheless, this is a huge opportunity.  We just have to be willing to do the work – that inner work.

Tommy says that people who heal have these eight (8) things in common: Belief in something greater than yourself; Purpose; Relationships; Sleep and naps; Breath, meditation and prayer; Outdoor exposure; Nourishment; and Movement.  TJ recommends taking an inventory of where you are on this list and just take small “baby” steps every day. He says “healing is healing” and there’s only one way.  If you have a strong enough WHY or reason, these eight essentials are actually easy to follow.

Although Tommy says that even though he feels doubt and fear, he doesn’t let it paralyze him because he’s so obsessed with “living HIGH.”  He says that doubt and fear are amazing teachers: “there’s so much that we could be obsessed with that’s so good that there’s no room for the doubt or fear to exist, and that’s a great place to be.”  And this makes one’s decisions simple and clear.  This clarity comes from doing all of that inner work.

Regardless of the graduate degrees, professional titles and labels, Tommy reminds us that we have one thing in common: we are human beings, and no one is above anyone else.  He says: “You are 100% human, flawed to perfection.” 

Tommy talks about the importance of Mother Nature in his life.  Nature keeps him in check and lets him know just how tiny he is in the grand scheme of things.  He says there’s a bigness and smallness to all of us.  Furthermore, we can’t disconnect ourselves from Nature.  What’s happening in the Natural World is also happening inside us.  There’s so much medicine in the sun, the earth, and the oceans.

In twenty years of practice, Tommy says he’s learned to do the opposite of what doesn’t work.  This is how he becomes the strongest expression of his eight essentials.  He says: “stop labeling me, I’m just a human!”

Tommy says that many people are waiting to be saved.  However the truth is that we have to go into ourselves and do the work.  We must create this new reality on our own.

How important is health freedom?  Tommy says it’s everything that it means to be a human.  If we lose this freedom, we aren’t human anymore.

In the end, Tommy says that when the door to the new earth swings open, this is what he sees: “human beings living unapologetically as human beings.”  And when humans are connected with one another, we are amazing.

You can learn more about Tommy John and Health Freedom for Humanity here: https://healthfreedomforhumanity.org/