Tom Matt is the award winning radio host of The Tom Matt Show, now in it’s 12th season.  He’s a podcaster, YouTuber, Author, CPT, public speaker, and coach.  Tom has been sober 24+ years and is the founder of Boomers Rock Media LLC.  He’s written the books Maximize Your Quality of Life, Attracting Abundance, Believe in Amazing and Generation Us.

In this episode, Tom talks openly about the alcoholism and drug addiction from his past.  This summer of 2023 marks his 25th year of sobriety.  He says alcohol was the gateway to all of the other substances and poor choices.  Very candidly, he says that he’s lucky to be alive.

In his book Maximize Your Quality of Life, Tom writes about the rollercoaster of activities that consumed 15 years of his life: “it was work at night, play golf during the day, eat like crap, drink like a fish, smoke weed like a factory and snort coke like an elephant.”

After getting clean, he explains that he was a single parent who who was anti-dating, anti-relationship and anti-marriage.  When he was finally ready to get into a relationship again, he realized he had to get himself better first.  After doing this inner work, he reconnected with his lost love from high school and they’ve been together ever since.

When it comes to optimal health, Tom points to four keys: quality food, rest, movement and the state of the gut microbiome.  Tom says: “don’t procrastinate, get busy.   If you want to make some changes, today is the day.”

Tom encourages people to start slow and make small changes.  He says it’s about making good habits “sticky” so they stick with you.

In the end, Tom says that his life is really good.  And he offers this advice: make friends with your inner voice but don’t let it control the narrative and call the shots.  Then he says go make plans and get busy.

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