Jorge Luis Delgado, an Inca by birth and heritage, walks the path of the Chacaruna. His passion is to bring authentic Inca heritage, spiritual traditions and handcrafts to worldwide attention. Jorge considers the oral tradition, taught in the different Inca communities, as his ever-expanding higher education. He’s also written the books Inka Wisdom: Return to Joy and Andean Awakening.  

Jorge talks about making the transition from tour guide in Peru to following the path of his mother who was a great spiritual healer.  He explains what it means to “become light.”  He says we are all children of the light, so we are born with this quality.  But through the process of domestication, we lose it.

Jorge says all light is love, service and wisdom.  And he adds: “loving ourselves is the most important contribution we can bring to the world.” 

For Jorge, when we let go of the heavy energy, it is much easier to love ourselves.  Anything that doesn’t come from love is heavy.  Heavy energy is like a magnet for more heaviness.

Jorge talks about why forgiveness is so critical.  If you don’t forgive yourself first, it is very difficult to forgive others.  But this is how you can let go of the heavy energies.

When you carry around this heaviness, you don’t see life clearly.  Instead, you are filled with doubt and worry.  The mind can become so noisy that it is difficult to stay present.   He says: “It’s much more difficult to be present when we carry heavy energies.”

It’s been estimated that 90% of our thoughts are negative.  But these thoughts are coming from the mind, not the heart.  If we keep thinking the same negative thoughts, we keep attracting the same negative experiences and energies.

For Jorge, love and service are one and the same: “To serve has become the central activity of my existence and of my work.”

Ultimately, Jorge says that “the purpose of life is to enjoy it.”  This is the “INKA HEART,” a heart that is always happy.  When you are connected to spirit, you are always full of joy.

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