Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is the author of the books: “The Five Levels of Attachment”, “Living a Life of Awareness”, “The Mastery of Self”, and “The Don Miguel Ruiz’s Little Book of Wisdom”. He also co-authored the book, “The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships” with his dear friend, HeatherAsh Amara. He now helps others discover optimal physical and spiritual health through his books, so that they may achieve their own personal freedom.  Miguel has a new book on the way called THE MASTERY OF LIFE.

In the beginning of our conversation, Miguel talks about embracing things as they are, not as they should be.  He encourages to let go of what “should be” and focus on “what is.”  He says “what is” in the here and now is malleable – we can work with it and shape it like clay.

The word Toltec means artist – and our life is the canvas.  He says that life presents us with a wide range of emotions, from deep despair to great joy.  This acceptance of “what is” allows us to be present and thereby allows us to help others, love, show compassion and create.  He says that if we are in the present, we can listen.  Listening allows us to have compassion for ourselves and others.

Miguel talks about the importance of freeing our selves without playing the blame game.  It starts with respecting our selves and being responsible for our choices in this life.  Blame is an illusion because we can never control the will or perception of another person.  Just as Miguel doesn’t impose his will on another, he doesn’t allow others to impose their will on him.

He talks about his new book THE MASTERY OF LIFE.  For Miguel, practice makes the master.  Through consistent effort and practice, we gain confidence, trust and ultimately faith in ourselves to engage life and take that step forward… whatever that step might be.

Each morning, his most important practice is to help his children get ready for school.  This time is all about selfless service to his family.  Engaging his family is what makes him the happiest of all.

In the end, Miguel talks about the power of forgiveness.   He shares a definition of forgiveness as the moment when you accept the past as it is, without wishing it to be different.  “The moment of forgiveness is the moment you decide to no longer use the past to hurt yourself in the present, you let it go.”

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