On a lifelong mission to understand and hone his empathic gifts, David Woodman has explored a number of spirituality and alternative healing-based traditions. Today, he primarily works with sound, frequency, and subtle energy as healing tools for restoring balance and vitality physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through the Language of Light Wellness, David’s sound healing platform, he offers unique sound healing services for his clients.

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Back to the show!

David begins by talking about his spiritual journey.  He says that he was always deeply introspective and interested in the “alternative” of everything.  

David talks openly about his path that led to alcohol and drug addiction.  After relapsing several times, he talks about having this transformative “emotional vision” on a bed at a sober house.  Something clicked and a light in his head turned on and he’s never used drugs since.

This is the power of visualization.  For David, when you use visualization, you are creating new neural pathways in the brain.

To this day, David utilizes a healing toolbox of practices that have truly transformed his life.  These tools include sound, breath, visualization and moving the body.  It’s a slow process but if practiced over time, they can produce big changes.

At the beginning of the pandemic, David talks about the stress of losing his job.  It was overwhelming and he wasn’t sure what to do with himself.  However, as one door closed, another opened.  He dove deeper into his spiritual practices.

During this time, David discovered  the audio healing technology called Hemi-Sync.  It works by integrating the two hemispheres of the brain.  He says this was the catalyst for his growth and visionary experiences.  He then dove even deeper into other healing modalities such as Biofield Tuning.

David says that when we feel stuck, it’s often a sign that the inner landscape is not in alignment with what we want the outer landscape to look like.  However, when we let go of old paths and embrace our true path, we open a space for synchronicities and opportunities to come into our life.

Language of Light Wellness offers a path forward from a spiritual perspective for anyone feeling stuck. David says he’s on a journey of exploration – and the language of light allows him to explore in a way that serves the world.  “It’s beautiful what happens when you align yourself with what you really love.”

You can learn more about David and his work right here: https://www.thelanguageoflight.org/

And you can connect with David here: info@thelanguageoflight.org