Steve Gross is the Founder and Chief Playmaker of the Life is Good Playmakers. A pioneer in utilizing exuberant, joyful play to promote resiliency in children and their caregivers, and a leader in the field of psychological trauma response, Gross is committed to the healthy development of children facing the most challenging circumstances.

Steve starts our conversation by talking about the power of play: “Play was the perfect vehicle for building healing life changing relationships with kids.”  He says that play can be a helpful tool for accessing the present moment: “Fear and anxiety often times come from worrying about what’s going to happen next; in the moment we are all okay.”

Steve offers these inspiring words about the magic of play: “Play is really not just about what you do, it’s the spirit and intention with which you do everything you do.”

Gratitude is also incredibly important in his work: “If you want to be good at gratitude, you’ve got to practice gratitude.”  Steve also offers this simple strategy: “Instead of saying ‘I have to,’ say ‘I get to.”

Steve also reminds us that feeling good can promote healing in the body.  He says: “I think when we’re engaged, when we feel empowered, when we’re connected, when we feel joy, our body naturally heals.”

Steve ends by discussing his greatest life lesson of all: “The most important thing is feeling good about the person you are.” And he adds: “All that matters in the end is the love and kindness that you shared with people.”

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