Dr. Henning Saupe completed his medical studies at the University of Ulm, Germany. After completing his doctorate in the field of psychotherapy, he was also awarded the title of Doctor of Medicine. Dr. Saupe worked in Stockholm for ten years as a general practitioner with a focus on naturopathy, anthroposophical medicine, and holistic cancer therapy. He founded the Arcadia practice in Kassel in 2006 and in Bad Emstal in 2014 where he currently serves as medical director. The father of three sons, Dr. Saupe lives in Bad Emstal, near Kassel, Germany.  And he has a new book called Holistic Cancer Medicine that was released on Nov. 1, 2022 by Chelsea Green Publishing.

Henning talks about his holistic approach to medicine.  He says medicine needs to include body and spirit, otherwise it is incomplete.  For Henning, most chronic diseases – like cancer – are very complex and need to be looked at from various sides.  He says modern material medicine like drugs or surgery aren’t enough to cure these complex diseases.  For this reason, Henning says we need to “widen” our spectrum of treatments.

While western medicine cancer treatment is a tumor focused approach, Henning says it’s critical to look at the entire biological, psychological and emotional terrain around the tumor.  He explores the fascinating science of Psychoneuroimmunology.  It brings the nervous system, emotions and immune system together, since they always work together.

This speaks to the power of the Mind Body connection.  Henning explains that our thoughts and emotions have a real time and immediate impact on the immune system.

Henning shares some disturbing statistics: the USA has more than one million new cancer cases each year, while Germany has about 400,000 new cases each year.  The trend is going up by 2.5% every year.

Henning writes in his new book: “When cancer presents itself as a disease, it is not the cancer cell itself that has a problem, but rather the human being, whose physical – as well as mental-spiritual – existence is threatened and endangered to the highest degree.”

Later, Henning contrasts the vital field with the cancer attracting field.  The vital field shows twelve measurable aspects that go into vitality.  He says these 12 aspects of vitality can help us learn what the problems are and what can be done to solve them.

Henning talks about his morning routine that includes meditation, gratitude and some breathing exercises.  He also starts the day with a large glass of fresh, filtered water.  In the evening, he looks back and reflects on his day.

In the end Henning offers this advice to his younger self: “worry less and enjoy the ride more.”

You can learn more about Henning and his Arcadia clinic for integrative medicine and cancer therapy here

You can also order his new book released by Chelsea Green here.

And here are some of his YouTube videos.

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