Dave Romanelli is a #1 best selling author, international speaker, and a guide to bringing old wisdom and ancient healing practices to modern life.  His books are Happy is the New Healthy and Life Lessons from the Oldest and Wisest.

In the beginning of our conversation, Dave shares an incredible story from his childhood about why it’s so important to show up fully in life.  He says: “it’s a reminder that we are missing the important moments in our lives,” mainly because we are all so distracted and pulled in so many directions.

Dave finds meditation to be a game-changing tool for becoming more present.  It allows the mind to unhook itself from all of the stimuli in the world.  He also speaks to the immense power of gratitude: “To me, that’s the number one: how deep is your level of gratitude?”  He also says you need to be a “bad-ass” to be grateful.  It’s so much easier to focus on problems and what’s wrong with our lives.

According to Dave, there’s a difference between “being happy and doing happy.”  He says it’s about turning happy into an action, doing a good deed and helping to bring out joy in someone else.

His best selling book Happy is the new Healthy was inspired by a one hundred and eleven year old woman that Dave befriended for the last three years of her life.  When Dave asked her about the secrets to her long healthy life, she attributed it to three things: sex, vodka and spicy food.

That joie de vivre and taking time to enjoy life are common themes for all of these super long-livers.  In fact, this attitude of appreciation can be a skill that one can develop.  Dave says to remind yourself each day: “When you put your head on the pillow to go to sleep at night, do you have one moment that you remember from the day gone by that you cherish and treasure…”

Dave talks about his early morning meditation where he takes time to clear his mind, look up at the stars and reflect on what’s great in his life.  This helps him re-charge and experience pure joy.

Later, Dave speaks about some of the life lessons he learned from interviewing elders for his last book, Life Lessons from the Oldest and Wisest.   He says that they have a sense of humor and appreciation and gratitude for all of life.

In the end, Dave offers this simple advice: trust your journey.  He says: “take your hands off the brakes and enjoy these times in life,” even if you don’t see how all of the pieces fit together.

You can learn more about Dave, his meditation programs and his books right here: https://davidromanelli.com/