Milan “Vee” Vracaric is a public speaker, holistic wellness coach and he’s also a #1 Amazon best-selling author of the book “We Are Abundance.”

Milan starts by talking honestly and openly about his health challenges when he first moved to the US from Serbia.  During this time, he was overweight, a chain smoker and a heavy drinker.   He was generally unhappy with his life.  This is when he recognized that his problems seemed to follow him wherever he went.  For the first in his life, he looked within, instead of seeking solutions outside.

When he moved to Miami, he started to pay closer attention to his feeling and thinking patterns.  Changing his physical environment was a huge factor in his transformation. Something shifted inside him when he arrived in southern Florida.  As he radically changed his diet, lifestyle and started doing breathwork, his need for cigarettes and alcohol went away.

Milan dives into his daily, morning ritual that amazingly lasts for 2 to 5 hours!  For Milan, the breath is a sacred topic.  It’s the first thing he does every day.  In fact, the breathwork and meditation are the foundation, and he does these practices every single day.  When it comes to the breath, he says most people take it for granted.  The vast majority were never taught how to breathe properly.

Milan says breathwork is “the most direct and most effective way to raising self-awareness, self-knowing or raising your vibration.” The key is to slow down your nasal diaphragmatic breathing with everyday breathwork practices.  When you do this, you can experience tremendous health benefits, from balancing blood pressure to calming the mind.

Early on, Milan was very curious to learn different breathing techniques.  He experimented the Wim Hof method and later Alchemy Breathwork and various Yogic techniques.  Milan is so passionate about breathwork, which he says can improve all areas of your life.  It literally transforms you from the inside out.

Currently, Milan has created his own breathing style that he practices every day and teaches people all over the world.  Below, you can check out a 10 minute video of his technique.

Milan bases his coaching on rediscovering the authentic self.   For Milan, this is the key to everything.  He says many of us block this authentic self because of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.  However, this is another area where breathwork is hugely helpful, since it calms both the body and the mind.  Being your authentic self is also about doing what you love and enjoying the process, not focusing on the end result.

Milan talks about his best-selling book We Are Abundance.  He never set out to write a book, but he was “called” to do so.  During his daily morning rituals, he was getting flooded with insights and ideas.  Initially, he didn’t see how they all connected, but later realized that abundance was the thread.

Milan says that abundance is not something you create, rather it is present in nature.  It’s just about removing the obstacles that prevent us from seeing and feeling this.  He offers these powerful words of inspiration: “It’s beautiful what we are.  If we remove obstacles, nature literally wants us to succeed.”  

You can watch Milan’s 10-minute breathwork video right here:

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